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Fertility & Pre- and Postnatal Care

Fertility Care
There are many ways in which women and men can improve their fertility naturally.
Most of us know that what we eat has a significant impact on both conception and pregnancy. Research indicates that the right nutritional support can increase success of conception by 75%! It takes about 3 month for the egg and the sperm to develop, so what you and your partner eat before you try to get pregnant is just as important as what you eat during pregnancy.
The nutritional support I offer will help you increase your fertility and your chance of getting pregnant.
Additionally I offer pre-conception detoxification that addresses the fact that certain toxins we are exposed to decrease both female and male fertility. Doing pre-conception detox will also give you the chance to rid your body of toxins that can be passed on to the baby in utero.
"I started going to Saskia early this year after I realized I had some digestive issues and knew that I needed help from a nutritionist.  Saskia is personable, knowledgeable and just an AWESOME person.  She helped me to set realistic goals for losing some weight.  She also helped me to prepare for surgery that I had to have.  After surgery my doctors couldn't believe how quickly I recovered.  I attribute this to vitamins, supplements and advise that Saskia recommended. She also provided me some books and articles to read pre and post surgery that were informative and very helpful.    

After surgery Saskia also recommended that I go on a detox to get my body back on track.  This was like no other detox I have done in the past.  I was able to eat and didn't feel hungry.  I actually felt more energetic and my husband also did the detox with me and we both enjoyed it.  We also went on this detox to assist us with getting pregnant and I am pleased to say that about a month after the detox we became pregnant and we are expecting our baby in April.

I have also visited Saskia during my pregnancy for advice and I am now in my second trimester and all is well.

I highly recommend Saskia.  I have been to other nutritionists, but she is by far the best"! N.H.

Pregnancy Care
Good nutrition begins in the womb. How well a mother-to-be eats and how she cares for herself makes a big difference in the quality of the nutrition her baby receives.
Recent research reveals that what you eat during pregnancy can affect whether the child will develop diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer later in life.
Good nutrition and self-care during pregnancy help prevent pregnancy problems for mother and child and can make this exciting time a more joyful experience for you!
Nutritional therapy can be used to address and prevent morning sickness, anemia and other nutritional deficiencies, heartburn, and gestational diabetes.
Benefits of proper nutrition include:
  • Lowering of  some of the risks of low birth weight and preterm labor - deficiency in zinc and essential fatty acids have been correlated with preterm labor.
  • Healthy weight gain
  • Overall increased energy level and feelings of well-being.

Pregnancy Care for Vegetarians and Vegans
A vegetarian diet can be healthy and safe when you are pregnant and provide proper nutrition for you and your growing baby. However, vegetarians have to plan their diet more carefully to ensure that important nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals, are consumed in adequate amounts.
The same can be true for vegan moms-to-be, but meeting all the nutritional needs is a more serious challenge and can be difficult since both meat and dairy are eliminated from the vegan diet. If someone has successfully been a vegan for a few years, is diligent and educated about supplement and nutritional needs and is willing to put in the time necessary to carefully plan their diet, then it can be done.
I offer support for both vegetarian and vegan moms-to-be to ensure proper nutrient intake.
" I went to see Saskia for nutritional guidance during my pregnancy.  I am a vegan and wanted to make sure I was doing the best I could and getting all the required nutrition.

Saskia has been such a pleasure to work with.  She is very knowledgeable and it feels great to know I have my nutritional bases covered.  She checks in on me regularly and I will continue to see her after my baby is born.  I am just finishing my first trimester and I feel great!" Sarah G.

Post-Partum Care
For many women, pregnancy may be the first time they really begin to examine their health habits and how diet affects their body. Most women are willing to adopt new habits during the pregnancy to ensure the health of their babies. The benefits to the mom-to-be  are a well-nourished body which will recovers faster from the pregnancy and healthy pregnancy weight gain which comes off more quickly.
However with the new baby to care for, caring for herself often gets put on the back burner and the new mom may go back to old and not so healthy eating habits.
The nutritional support I for new moms includes:
  • Help in successfully transitioning to healthy whole foods diet after pregnancy
  • Guidance on losing pregnancy weight and getting your body back into shape
  • Help for breastfeeding moms in following a nutritious and safe diet while nursing
  • Nutritional suggestions for the first year of your child's life.

Environmental Health Consults
Environmental health consults are highly recommended for parents and parents to be. Usually consisting of just one consult they include a careful risk assessment, an evaluation  of your current toxic body burden and environmental exposure history intake.

A plan tailored to your specific situation is then created that will help you control the environmental factors that can potentially affect your and your child's health.
Environmental health consultation are targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environment for the whole family.

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