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  • I went to Saskia to help me manage the symptoms of peri-menopause recently and her recommendations have really paid off. Saskia is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, health and healing. She does extensive research and is well versed in all issues related to health. Her follow-up proves that she really cares for her clients. Not only do I recommend Saskia here at Yelp, but I recommend her to all of my friends and acquaintances. I have known Saskia for many years and  have great respect for the knowledge and care that she gives to others. She gives an assume massage too! Rochelle S.

  • Saskia was instrumental in aiding my elderly father in overcoming serious digestive issues which numerous doctors failed to diagnose.  She quickly figured out his problems and in two days his system was back to normal. While his physicians were quick to recommend another antibiotic regimen, she determined what was ailing his system.  By recommending various supplements, he was quickly restored to good health.  My mother and family were very grateful for my father getting treated by Saskia.   Ron S.

  • Saskia Kleinert has been our massage therapist for at least 10 years.          During      this time she has pursued her education and expanded her knowledge of holistic and preventative health care. She is qualified professionally to give practical, intelligent support to people without disregarding the need for traditional western medicine when appropriate. We consider her to be an essential caregiver as our massage therapist and, also, as a health advisor. She supports us with concerns regarding nutrition, weight loss, injury, exercise and even emotional well being in so far as physical health contributes to happiness. Saskia is warm, loving and genuinely interested in us as individuals.  We have tremendous respect and fondness for her.  Barbara and Rita

  • I have been seeing Saskia for many months and am continually amazed at her expertise in a very wide range of nutritional and health concerns.She has made suggestions regarding hand numbness and foot problems which have helped correct the problems without surgery and or drugs.  She is very practical in her approach and generous in her advice regarding the health of other family members.  She has been very helpful in reviewing which vitamins are appropriate for me at my present stage in life as well as which vitamins and prescriptions are not compatible for me to take. I have come to rely on her knowledge and experience and totally trust her suggestions.  Elaine S.

  • I attended a lecture by Saskia on prostate cancer prevention this last Wed.I went in knowing a fair amount about the subject, but learned a great deal more.  It was good to find out that I was on the right track, but even better to find out so many other dietary/environmental/lifestyle things I can do without significant extra effort or cost, to cut down on my risk profile.   Also, the discussion would apply to many other types of cancer.  This was an excellent presentation and invaluable to me.Charlie S.

  • Saskia is one of the most informed, skilled and helpful health professionals I have worked with.  Initially, Saskia worked with me as a massage therapist (the best I have worked with in my 30+ years of getting massage) but I have now come to depend on her for nutritional and other health guidance that has proved invaluable for me over the last 10 years.  I credit predominantly Saskia with my good health and wellness.  What an invaluable resource.  Balanced, knowledgeable, intuitive with substantial scientific background under her belt, she has helped me with menopause symptoms, ongoing stomach and digestive issues, and plantarfasciitis, just to name a few of the areas where Saskia has helped me.  A true gem.  You will be not be sorry. Lisa B.

  • It has been a total life change experience forme and also for my family. I have a new approach with my two little boys about their nutrition.  I love the way I feel and have more energy! Thank you Saskia for your all help and support. Soizic A.

  • I went to see Saskia for nutritional guidance during my pregnancy. I am a vegan and wanted to make sure I was doing the best I could and getting all the required nutrition. Saskia has been such a pleasure to work with.  She is very knowledgeable and it feels great to know I have my nutritional bases covered.  She checks in on me regularly and I will continue to see her after my baby is born.  I am just finishing my first trimester and I feel great! Sarah G.

  • After diagnoses, of central concern to a cancer patient is: What can I do to arrest tumor growth? Between doctor appointments there are plenty of ways to participate in improving the chances of survival: Positive Mental Attitude, Exercise, and most important, Nutrition. Books and workshops abound, but I recommend personal assistance from a professional. A good place to start is with Saskia Kleinert, whose clear and concise workshop was of great help to me in reinforcing the basics of nutrition in maintaining my quality of life. I take into each new day her advice and guidance.   Jerry C. Prostate Cancer Survivor

  • I started going to Saskia early this year after I realized I had some digestive issues and knew that I needed help from a nutritionist.  Saskia is personable, knowledgeable and just an AWESOME person.  She helped me to set realistic goals for losing some weight.  She also helped me to prepare for surgery that I had to have.  After surgery my doctors couldn't believe how quickly I recovered.  I attribute this to vitamins, supplements and advise that Saskia recommended. She also provided me some books and articles to read pre and post surgery that were informative and very helpful.                                                                           After surgery Saskia also recommended that I go on a detox to get my body back on track.  This was like no other detox I have done in the past.  I was able to eat and didn't feel hungry.  I actually felt more energetic and my husband also did the detox with me and we both enjoyed it.  We also went on this detox to assist us with getting pregnant and I am pleased to say that about a month after the detox we became pregnant and we are expecting our baby in April. I have also visited Saskia during my pregnancy for advice and I am now in my second trimester and all is well.                                                                                   I highly recommend Saskia.  I have been to other nutritionists, but she is by far the best! Noelle H.

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