14 Day Ride: Grand Tour des Alpes, France, 2016

14 Day Ride: Grand Tour des Alpes, France, 2016

I have been serving clients in my private health and massage practice since 1993. My approach to health care and nutrition is holistic, science-based and cutting-edge.

 Trek to Everest Base Camp, 2012

Trek to Everest Base Camp, 2012

I have a degree in Applied Nutrition and hold a graduate certificate in Integrative Nutrition and certificates in Orthopedic Neuromuscular Therapy, Health Education and many different styles of Massage Therapy. I have studied in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

I received my nutritional education from Huntington University of Health Sciences, Hawthorn University, and through courses from Dr. Andrew Weil’s Institute of Integrative Medicine.

 I did the following courses with A. Weil:

  • Nutrition & Botanicals for Cancer
  • Nutrition & Botanicals for Prostate Cancer
  • Nutrition & Botanicals for Cardiovascular Disease
  • Nutrition & Botanicals for Depression & Anxiety
  • Environmental Medicine

I was on the faculty of the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA for 4 years, where I taught massage therapy and health education.

I have acted as a nutritional consultant for Men's Fitness Magazine on several occasions.

I'm a health and sports enthusiast, have 19 years of experience in the Martial Arts and hold the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt.

Having grown up in Switzerland, I am able to draw from the country’s long-lived tradition of natural approaches to health care. I was raised using herbal treatments, juice fasts, nutritional remedies, and hydrotherapy as the treatments of choice for many of the common ailments.

I am very passionate about health and healthy living and loves to share my knowledge with my clients. I take a holistic view of the person in customizing my health protocols.

My goal is to bring equilibrium to the body, mind and spirit through integrative health and wellness care.

Aside from my continuous quest for more knowledge, my ongoing commitment to further my education, and the fact that I have worked in the health field for over 24 years, I truly practice what I preach and can therefore advise you both from professional and personal experience.

I am also the founder and Director of the Emeryville Health & Wellness Center, a successful multi-practitioner center in the San Francisco Bay Area www.emeryvillehealthwellness.com



Saskia Kleinert, NC., CMT


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