Speaking & Seminars

Saskia Kleinert is available for speaking engagements for private and public sector wellness programs. She has held seminars and workshops for many organizations, including the following:

  • Semifreddies: Work Place Ergonomics and Back Health

  • Bolt Threads: Nutrition for the Corporate Athlete

  • Premier Nutrition/Power Bar: Nutrition for Health & Wellness; Sweet Dreams: Sleep for Health; Staying Healthy through the Holidays.

  • PAWMA: Sports Injury Prevention and Care.

  • Duck's Nest: Work Place Ergonomics and Back Health.

  • Lake Side Park: Anti-inflammatory Diet Principles.

  • Age Song: Nutrition and Care for Parkinson's Disease; Cancer Nutrition, Care, and Prevention; Diabetes Prevention, Nutrition, and Care.

  • Orinda Library: Nutrition for the Aging Body and Mind.

  • UC Berkeley Jain Student Association: "Veganism Today" Symposium Speaker.

  • PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers: Healthy Eating for Business Travelers.


Her goal is to help your company create a positive and health oriented work environment and provide lifestyle tools needed to make change happen. 

All programs are tailored to your company's needs, both regarding content and length of time.