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I went to Saskia to help me manage the symptoms of peri-menopause recently and her recommendations have really paid off. Saskia is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, health and healing. She does extensive research and is well versed in all issues related to health. Her follow-up proves that she really cares for her clients. I recommend her to all of my friends and acquaintances.
— Rochelle S.
Saskia was instrumental in aiding my elderly father in overcoming serious digestive issues which numerous doctors failed to diagnose. She quickly figured out his problems and in two days his system was back to normal. While his physicians were quick to recommend another antibiotic regimen, she determined what was ailing his system. By recommending various supplements, he was quickly restored to good health. My mother and family were very grateful for my father getting treated by Saskia.
— Ron S.
Saskia Kleinert has been our massage therapist for at least 10 years. During this time she has pursued her education and expanded her knowledge of holistic and preventative health care. She is qualified professionally to give practical, intelligent support to people without disregarding the need for traditional western medicine when appropriate. We consider her to be an essential caregiver as our massage therapist and, also, as a health advisor. She supports us with concerns regarding nutrition, weight loss, injury, exercise and even emotional well being in so far as physical health contributes to happiness. Saskia is warm, loving and genuinely interested in us as individuals. We have tremendous respect and fondness for her.
— Barbara and Rita
I have been seeing Saskia for many months and am continually amazed at her expertise in a very wide range of nutritional and health concerns.She has made suggestions regarding hand numbness and foot problems which have helped correct the problems without surgery and or drugs. She is very practical in her approach and generous in her advice regarding the health of other family members. She has been very helpful in reviewing which vitamins are appropriate for me at my present stage in life as well as which vitamins and prescriptions are not compatible for me to take. I have come to rely on her knowledge and experience and totally trust her suggestions.
— Elaine S.
Saskia is one of those rare beings ... somebody who actually knows stuff about nutrition!
— Karen McL.
Saskia is extremely dedicated to her clients and to expanding her knowledge. She is my first “go to” health care practitioner and I trust her completely.
— George D.
Saskia is wonderful! She is so knowledgeable and caring, and I’ve certainly benefitted from her help, both personally and professionally. She was able to offer me lots of support and advice for both my own longer-standing issues as well as more acute issues. I’ve also received wonderful feedback from clients I’ve referred to her. The work she’s done with them has broadened my understanding of nutrition and has enhanced our work together.
— Silvia G.
Saskia is talented, thorough, and delightful. Her depth of knowledge is considerable.
— Karen L.
Knowledgeable, supportive, great follow up and most important EFFECTIVE.
— Richard G.
Having Saskia on your wellness team may be the best healthcare decision you’ve ever made. She can help whether you are looking for extra energy, help with change of life, or even many types of serious illness.
— Dawn R.
Saskia is knowledgeable, perceptive and understanding. She is indeed the best nutritionist in the Bay Area!
— Michelle B.
Saskia has outstanding training and skills. You won’t find anyone better!
— Charlie S.
Saskia is personable and listens to your ideas. She plans and creates a meal plan that is useful and easy to follow.
— Natasha D.
Saskia takes time to research your condition (if you have one) and provide sound guidance. She explained to me in detail why I was experiencing GI system issues that 5 Stanford specialists had inexplicably failed to even mention. And she does not try to get you to come often to boost her business etc. Trustworthy. Great.
— Andy P.
Saskia really tailors her advice to your individual life style. She’s a great nutritionist as well as a great person!
— Alex H.
Love Saskia! She is amazing!
— Nia Q.
Just walking into the space makes me feel better. Saskia is an excellent listener and asks lots of clarifying questions before she makes recommendations.
— Christine S.